I walked in not fully agreeing to what was happening,

A family decision I hadn’t voted on.

But there we were at Bleakholt,

Deciding all of our futures.


You were there with your mother, brothers and sisters,

Their homes already decided.

“He’s the last one left, we named him Big Man”,

And that was when everything changed.


A tiny 8 week old kitten on his journey home.

You cried all the way,

Breaking my heart every time,

Desperate to see the world.


I think the sanctuary predicted the future with you,

For a kitten so tiny you grew and grew.

Until I regularly carried a whole 1st 3 lbs of you around,

Big Man being a very apt name.


We didn’t start off great you and me,

You would scratch and bite me.

And preferred my sister to me,

But ultimately I still loved you.


Our bond came much later,

And I realised what a truly amazing creature you were.

A cuddle buddy and a friend,

Just when I needed one.


In your later years you shone,

Our morning snuggles providing me with comfort.

And your personality was matched by no other,

A truly unique feline in every way.


I will never forget the day you left me,

Forever etched into my mind.

So sudden there was nothing we could do,

And like that you were gone forever.


I owe a lot to you Oscar,

Although my sisters cat you were always there for me,

There for me when I needed you most,

A bright link to the world I wanted to leave behind.


It’s been 3 months now and it will never get easier,

But I just want to say thank you.

Forever remembered in our hearts,

My angel feline Oscar Wild.

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