One Year On

Your body lay peacefully in your dreams,

You looked like perfection.

Soft supple skin adored with your scent,

The features I had become so familiar with,

Lay bare for me to gaze upon.


A smile rests on my face; contended.

Then I remember this is the last time,

The last time I can cling to you tightly.

The smiled faded and sadness filled my soul,

I thought I would never get over you.


But that was one year ago now,

And as cliche as it sounds,

A lot can happen in a year.

And although I will admit I’m not completely over you,

I’m getting there.


I’ve seen the flaws in who we were together.

Our pairing wasn’t perfect; nothing ever is,

But we just weren’t right together.

Or so I tell myself to save me from despair.


One year on and although you still have my heart,

I am regaining control.

And in one year on from now,

The thoughts I have will have dissipated.

And I will be over you.

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