A Time Passed

Ten years ago I was beginning to have everything,

A 15 year old with the world at her feet,

And a plethora of friends to boot.


Loneliness was not a option,

Instant messaging services a hive of activity,

Never short of a friend.


Ten years on an so much has changed,

I call a number of people friends,

But where are they when I need then?


My friends do not hear my cry,

Do not understand how I truly feel,

Or that I am so close to the edge.


I never thought I could be this lonely,

When love is surrounding me,

Everyone happy in their moment.


But loneliness has attached itself to me,

No matter how hard I try,

It’s grip impenetrable.


So I ask to be saved somehow,

Through true friendship rising forth,

Or the loneliness to dissipate and the silence to set in.

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