Split In Two

Emotions have always been my downfall,

My Kyrptonite is you will.

I’ve often been told that I’m far too sentimental,

“Don’t take it to heart” is an all too familiar saying.


I overthink very spec of detail within a situation,

And reflect every distant memory.

‘An Elephant never forgets’ speaks volumes,

My penchant for reminiscing often causing sorrow.

However, it is only now that I am truly struggling with this affliction.


As you see I have found a light so to speak,

My chance at a happily ever after.

But my curse is holding me back,

Letting go of the past is never easy but for me it is near impossible.


And as I sit pondering a solution it came to me.

I need to split myself in two.

One half gleefully moving forward,

Excitement a dance with butterflies.

All the while the other half stays contented in the past,

A gallery of moments adorning every wall.


But reality deems this impossible.

So I must make peace with myself,

Or else I will remain conflicted forever.



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