First Cut

It’s true what the song says,

First cut does hurt the deepest,

And no matter how much I try,

The wound will not heal,

And the gushing blood makes it impossible to stitch.


I’ve found a new love and so have you.

Ignorance is bliss they say,

But ignorance can’t stop the memories seeping back.

Memories tinged in roses,

The mind creating fabrications of moments past.


I thought I was over you,

My new love near perfect for me,

Giving and treating me the way I dared to dream.

But with this perfect situation my illusion is shattered,

And the truth I tried to bury, arose.


I gave myself to you,

So wholly and undeterred you became my world.

You know things I have never shared with others,

Secrets, desires and fears: information lost in the abyss.

There is a whole part of me that you still have,

And my barriers are on high alert not to let that happen again.


First cut hurts the deepest and always will,

But I can’t let it affect my future anymore.

And as the song says I’ll try to love again,

I promise.

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