Broken Signals

I know you’re in there,

And you know it too.

Your strong independence trying to burst free,

Your witty, sarcastic opinions caged with no exit.

You’ve become imprisoned in your own mind,

With the walls closing in bit by bit.


I get annoyed and frustrated around you,

Trying to impart my knowledge but the signals have broken.

You apologise and my heart breaks,

The fear seeking across your face as you dong understand.

I apologise too but really no one is to blame.


You’ve changed so much and you will continue to do so,

But I want you to know I will always remember you.


The woman who used to bring me breakfast in bed every weekend;

Cucumber, cherry tomatoes, and strawberries with far too much icing sugar.

The woman who took me for lunch dates in Manchester.

The woman who always got me up dancing.

The woman who built my confidence.

The woman who has always inspired me and always will.


Although you have greatly changed you are my hero,

And I pledge to try to support you during this time because,

You have been the best grandmother I could have ever wished for.

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