First Love

Ah, the warmth of the sun glistening in the light,

Birds harmonising sweet melodies,

Flowers bloom with aluring scents.

It is summer and the world is aglow.


And my first love began in that heat.

Smiles and laughter encapsulated my world,

Tendrils of excitement spiralling into my soul.

Everything was awash with new beginnings,

And it was perfect.


6 years passed by.


Oh, the bitterness of frost pinching fingertips,

Trees laid bare, stripped of their offerings,

Silence is the loudest sound of all.

It is winter and the world is imprisoned in its grasp.


And my first love fell in that cold.

Tears and heartache encased my world,

Shrilled shrieks and despair eroded my soul.

Everything decayed in the darkness,

And it was perfect no more.


It may be just coincidence when our love began and ended,

But alas I fear not.

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