Soaring High

I thought I would always have control over you,

You would always crave me,

The need never diminishing,

But this is a far cry from reality.


Instead, the control is in your hands,

Entwining around my heart.

You say things to keep me hanging on,

A glimmer of hope,

The notion that one day you will come back to me.

But that stops here.


I am stronger emotionally than I give myself credit.

I am the keeper of my emotions,

I decide what paths to take.


And just like that, the Phoenix stretches.

Its grand fiery wings spread,

Its majestic simmering feathers aglow.


And with one final look into the past, it leaps.

It does not care if there is ground to fall on,

For it knows it shall not fail,

Its faith in itself evident from the first swoosh.


This Phoenix is free,

Soaring high for everyone to see.

There is no caging this Phoenix,

And there is no caging me.


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