My Rose Tinted Glasses

Their honey glow surrounds my vision,

Creating rosey glints on the gloomiest of days.

They encompass and envelop my thoughts,

The mist a constant simmer resulting in hazy versions of reality.


I need to break their spell,

But I seem bound to them whenever I remember you.

We had good times and bad times like everyone does.

But I seem eternally stricken to the notion that I am wholly responsible for our downfall.


I have placed you on a pedestal upon which you do not belong.

You broke my heart, maybe in spite of my broken trust,

But my wounds will always be deeper than yours.

And as I fight to mend my resolve,

Cracks begin to appear; my rose-tinted glasses are wearing thin.


You were once my everything,

But my vision is clearer now

And I rebuke your illusion.

You will never have my heart again.

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