Love Is

Love is that warm sensation that flushes through my body every time I catch a glimpse of you.

Love is that image, that smile from you that sticks in my head and refused to leave.

Love is that huge smile that spreads across my face when I think of you.

Love is that exhilaration that races through my veins just from your smell.

Love is the relief that washes over me when I know your home safe and sound.

Love is when my true laugh comes forth which only happens when I’m with you.

Love is knowing that I have you to comfort me and cheer me up whenever I’m down.

Love is the pain I feel when I can’t wrap you up in my arms when you’re ill.

Love is the happiness that seeps through when you squeeze me in your arms.

Love is made up of many, many things but the main thing is,

Love is the knowledge that if you left I would breakdown knowing you were no longer my best friend, lover and the knowledge that you mean everything to me and that I mean everything to you.

That is what love is

Love is you

I love you

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