Thickening Of The Blood

I do love you, I always will, unconditionally, you must realise that?

Even if my tongue was covered in acid and my heart spiked with spite,

And the words that fell out of my mouth trickled through your bubbling blood.


But I never meant all those things I said, a bit cliché but it’s true.

I said them to release my tensions caused by other confounding variables,

Not as a weapon to wield to scar your heart.


I wish I could take back the sly comments that sadden you,

But the wounds run too deep to heal without a trace.

So I will nurse and help you better in an attempt to cure our lost years.


So here I vow on this day that I shall hang my amour up,

And let you back into my heart and soul to help protect me from my demons.

So I can become your daughter again.



“A daughter is just a little girl, who grows up to be a friend.”

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