The Music Box

A dear friend once gave me a music box.

Nothing fancy or over the top,

Just a simple music box.


It was about 3 inches tall and the shape of a gift bag;

The type of gift bag you receive full of presents on a special occasion.

It was the colour of sky which lay behind violet dots and showcased a pink bow.


I sit and wind the dial over and over, round and round until it clicks.

As I let the mechanism unwind, music notes escape,

Latching onto my eardrums, clinging on, not wanting to be forgotten.


“Keep smilin’, keep shinin’,

Knowin’ you can always count on me, for sure,

That’s what friends are for.”


And as my tears fall and I softly mime the lyrics I begin to think,

About every moment of happiness my friends have created.

And I realise that that is indeed what friends are for.


“It’s nice to have a friend to talk to all the time,

Sharing all your secrets with someone true and kind.”

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