The Cold Shiver

I think I’m lost in this world.

I suppose I’ve never really been found.

Just floating about,

Gliding through the dreams and whispers.


I flit between glee and despair.

Never going to the extreme if ether side,

Never quite wanting to dance in the arms of light or dark.


So I waver between the two.

Never settled or contented,

Never wanting to explain the mechanics of my mind.


The cogs are getting rusty now,

Always stuck on “it doesn’t matter”.

I can feel my battery wearing thin,

And I’m not sure if I can recharge this time.


And as i lay here now I feel the urge to scream at everything and everyone,

Shout, bawl, yell and wail at all the imperfections I see in my life.

But as I open my mouth only a sigh escapes and my mind becomes mute,

I know that no matter how my mind feels nothing will change.


So I put this question forward to you now.

Will you miss me when I’m gone?

Or will I just become “that girl, you know the one that…”


Your choice, which one will I become to you?

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