And So The Curtain Falls

Here lies the corpse of what was us,

The charade I tired so hard to keep breathing.

But I only breathed for one lung,

You let the other one collapse.


With only one lung pulsing it cried in despair,

“I can’t take this no more, don’t you think I’ve suffered enough?”

And so I stopped breathing my life in.


Anguish devastated me but with that cam realisation,

The realisation that maybe this was for the best,

The best that we ended this liaison of fire.

Passion had danced it’s final call, yet we hadn’t realised.


Now the curtains have closed on our stage,

And as I stand here by the graveside I take my final bow,

Silently, I whisper the words I never got to say,

“I will love you forever and always.” 

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